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“Hot, luscious woman who can suck a golf ball through forty feet of garden hose seeks rippling-ab’d firefighter who has a tongue that thrums like a hummingbird and enjoys painting my toenails and eating Ben & Jerry’s out of the carton while watching Orange is the New Black.”

Curvy financial analyst Laura Michaels stared at the online dating site’s registration screen and frowned. That’s what she really wanted to write. By the time her best friend, Josie, edited and clicked “Send,” her personals ad was more fantasy than reality.


When two different guys — Dylan Stanwyck and Mike Pine — replied within two days, she seemed doubly blessed. After a first date with model-turned-firefighter Dylan that ended in bed — and with a huge misunderstanding — Laura came home from her Walk of Shame to an invitation for a hike with ski instructor Mike. The Great Outdoors became the setting for so much more…

Caught between two men — literally — who turned out to be roommates and secret billionaires, Laura makes a startling discovery about her own capacity for passion.

And, maybe, long-term love in an unconventional romance with two men that pushes every boundary.

Including her own.

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Grab your copy now – Random Acts of Crazy goes to Vegas! When Darla takes a chance in the casinos and loses all the band’s money, desperate times call for desperate measures… and lots of hot, sexy fun!  Read more here.

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USA Today Bestseller

I just learned that Shopping for an Heir hit the USA Today bestseller list at #89 for last week. As you know, it had a special sale — and because of readers, it is now a bestseller.

If you missed the sale, I’m extending it as a thank you to everyone, so click here to see my thank you post and to find the links to the sale. As a special bonus to celebrate, if you click on that link, I’ll automatically enter you into a contest to win one of two big swag boxes filled with assorted book-related goodies. Contest ends 7/5.

I’m busy working on my new Random series book (yes, more Darla…) and Shopping for a Billionaire’s Baby (Declan and Shannon and pregnancy…oh, my). Having my books hit bestseller lists is a treat, and one that makes me just want to write more books in my worlds.

My deepest gratitude,


Shopping for an Heir on sale for limited time!

Note the new cover <3. Now, for a limited time, you can read Shopping for an Heir for under a buck.

The sale ends June 25, so act now.


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November Giveaway – $2,000 in prizes

I’m participating in a super exciting giveaway with more than 100 authors. Six lucky winners will walk away with prizes – either a $500 Amazon gift card or a $50 Amazon gift card! Just enter your name and email and then cross your fingers!

Be sure to share this chance to win with your pals. Entries will be accepted through November 30, 2016. Even if you don’t win one of the grand prizes, you’re still a winner by connecting with some of today’s best-selling authors. Whether you’re an old fan or a new fan, you’re sure to discover something juicy from one of the authors participating in this giveaway.

Click HERE to enter and good luck! Read more

Suggested Reading Order for Julia Kent Books

I get this question a LOT, so I’m writing this blog post to try (try) to help readers figure out what the hell you’re supposed to do when it comes to my CRAZY, interconnected series issue.

So I’m going to ramble a little and explain that I had no idea when I started writing Her Billionaires back in 2012 that my books would become popular. I didn’t have a plan. I have (kinda, sorta) a plan now, but in 2012? Pfft. Nope. I was winging it.

Before I become *too* long-winded, the Shopping for a Billionaire series is 99.9% separate from my other books. Only Dr. Alex Derjian (from it’s Complicated and other books in the Her Billionaires series) appears — briefly — in the Shopping books. So it is its own world. You do not need to read my other books to get the full picture. Read more

Kobo gives you $5 toward any $5.01+ eBook when you buy your first book

Amazon’s Kindle has about 80-85% market share for ALL eBooks read in the United States, so while most of you read on Kindles or Kindle apps, let’s talk about Kobo for a moment. 😉

I have all the retailer apps on my phone (An Android…sorry, iBooks!). My absolute favorite is Kobo. Easy to buy books, easy to read, easy to change settings for readability. Read more

Want a chance to win (1) of (5) $100 Amazon Gift Certificates?


Yep. FIVE of them.

And how do you win one? By signing up for our newsletters. Easy, right? Read more

$3,000 Big Romance Author Spring Giveaway

Attention all awesome people! This month is a cool time to be a reader. 101 of your favorite authors contributed to one massive giveaway! Giveaway rules are listed on the rafflecopter. International peeps can play! Got any questions? Feel free to ask. There are 100 ways to enter for a maximum possible 500+ entries per person. The giveaway lasts the entire month of April, so come back every day and hammer away at a few more entries until you’re all done! Read more

Where do you find your new books?

When I ask readers where they find new authors, new books, and new

Information search. Isolated 3D image

series to read, I get a remarkable mix of replies.

Lately, the two most popular are Bookbub and My Romance Reads. Speaking of Bookbub — you can sign up for a short email whenever my books are featured by Bookbub on sale here.

Word of mouth is a big one, too — but an awful lot of readers are romance novel readers in a sea of people who don’t approve. How many of you have friends who judge you for your reading habits, or who just don’t share your enthusiasm for the latest Sylvia Day novel?

That means reader communities, like Goodreads and Facebook groups on specific romance topics (likeSweet Hot Curves) are increasingly popular locations for word of mouth.

Where do you find new books, new author, new series? Please post in the comments!

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