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Grab your copy now – Random Acts of Crazy goes to Vegas! When Darla takes a chance in the casinos and loses all the band’s money, desperate times call for desperate measures… and lots of hot, sexy fun!  Read more here.

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  1. I liked Random Acts of Las Vegas. I felt sad that Darla felt that she should just take things that life gives her and accept it. I hope in the next book or two, she lets Trevor and Joe have it because they still kinda take her for granted such as when she is packing all the band’s stuff while they are high. I wonder how Trevor and Darla are going to react when Joe tells them about the money. It is really nice to see Joe become more dominant and present in the relationship, but it feels like Trevor is being over shadowed. I would like Trevor to find his way back to law school, and still have his music too.

  2. I prepurchased and read it already. Can I tell you how fun it is to read a romance (zany) novel based in Boston? I’m from the Boston area and moved to LA a few years ago. Reading these books is kind of like going back to my college days at the SMFA. Omg.

    Also LOVED the link to the book “Darla” wrote. It’s goofy, but has serious topics buried in the goofiness. I love it.

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