Suggested Reading Order for Julia Kent Books

I get this question a LOT, so I’m writing this blog post to try (try) to help readers figure out what the hell you’re supposed to do when it comes to my CRAZY, interconnected series issue.

So I’m going to ramble a little and explain that I had no idea when I started writing Her Billionaires back in 2012 that my books would become popular. I didn’t have a plan. I have (kinda, sorta) a plan now, but in 2012? Pfft. Nope. I was winging it.

Before I become *too* long-winded, the Shopping for a Billionaire series is 99.9% separate from my other books. Only Dr. Alex Derjian (from it’s Complicated and other books in the Her Billionaires series) appears — briefly — in the Shopping books. So it is its own world. You do not need to read my other books to get the full picture.

Shopping for a Billionaire (parts 1-5 in the boxed set)
Shopping for a Billionaire’s Fiancee (book 6)
Shopping for a CEO (book 7)
Shopping for a Billionaire’s Wife (book 8)
Shopping for a CEO’s Fiancee (book 9)
Shopping for an Heir (book 10)

is the reading order for that series.

Now here’s the hard part:

All three of my other series do have significant crossover. Here’s my suggestion.

Start with ANY of these three: Her Billionaires, Maliciously Obedient, or Random Acts of Crazy.

If you START with Her Billionaires, THEN read:

It’s Complicated
Completely Complicated
It’s Always Complicated

THEN read Random Acts of Crazy and the Random series (because Darla, the main character in Random Acts, appears in It’s Complicated as Josie’s niece and you will wonder who this crazy chick is).

Move on to Maliciously Obedient, Suspiciously Obedient, and Deliciously Obedient — which will make It’s Always Complicated make more sense.

Okay, so now I’m going to make a super insane suggestion, which goes like this:

An ALTERNATE approach would be:

Her Billionaires
It’s Complicated
Random Acts of Crazy
Random Acts of Trust
Random Acts of Fantasy
Random Acts of Hope
Randomly Ever After: Sam and Amy
Random Acts of Love
Maliciously Obedient
Suspiciously Obedient
Deliciously Obedient
Completely Complicated
Random on Tour: Los Angeles
Merry Random Christmas
It’s Always Complicated

This is the approach I’d suggest for people who are diehard readers and who are book addicts who inhale words like I inhale coffee.

I wish I had an easier answer. All I can say is that the books come out of me the way they come out of me and I am sorry they’re kind of scrambled LOLOL.


The good news is that you can sample my books with the Free Series Starter Library and see which ones you like. 😉

READERS: What do you think? Post comments on other ideas for reading order here.

  1. Read them all. I am sure I read them out if order. Still enjoyed all of them. Now for the new ones.

  2. Well I read in the order they were published. I fell head over heels in love with the characters and your writing style. They make me laugh and think and even cry (sometimes because i am laughing so hard).

  3. I’m pretty sure I’ve read them all. I did read some in weird order and was confusing story lines a few times, but was able to figure out. Wish I had had this to go by then!

  4. Thanks – I am always confused about the correct order. But I love your books.

  5. Your alternate way is how I read them! Made so much more sense! Loved every one of them!! Can’t wait till 22nd June for my next fix!! You rock!!

  6. I started out with the SFAB series.
    Then I move to Her Billionaires. I added the Random series in as it came available. Mixed in the Complicated series, as it came out. The obidient series was last before they all blended for the wedding. I hopped between the couples’ stories because they intigrate so well. It’s like a big dysfunctional family that’s easy to understand when you blend it. Juse my opinion.

  7. I love and own all of Julia Kent’s books. So I love the list of reading order. Now I can give this to friends who I recommend Julia’s work.
    Thank you Julia

  8. Just know that once you start, you can’t stop! Julia’s books are amazing. Be prepared to laugh out loud and shed a tear or too! I look forward to the next one and always read them on release day.

  9. I read her billionaire first, then random acts of crazy, then it’s completed, then the obidient series and finally It’s always completed. I like the way Julia had it laid out this as well. I read shipping as well. Once you start reading Julia books you can’t stop. They are just to good. Have fun reading all the books. Make sure you can laugh because you will be doing a lot of that.

  10. You know that’s the way I read them. They’re a great series any way you read them. You are an amazing author and I know that when I pick up one of your books I will need a box of tissues because there will be lots of tears whether they be happy or sad. Keep them coming I have stocked up on the tissues in anticipation of the next book. PS I think that’s the best reading reading order.

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