Where do you find your new books?

When I ask readers where they find new authors, new books, and new

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series to read, I get a remarkable mix of replies.

Lately, the two most popular are Bookbub and My Romance Reads. Speaking of Bookbub — you can sign up for a short email whenever my books are featured by Bookbub on sale here.

Word of mouth is a big one, too — but an awful lot of readers are romance novel readers in a sea of people who don’t approve. How many of you have friends who judge you for your reading habits, or who just don’t share your enthusiasm for the latest Sylvia Day novel?

That means reader communities, like Goodreads and Facebook groups on specific romance topics (likeSweet Hot Curves) are increasingly popular locations for word of mouth.

Where do you find new books, new author, new series? Please post in the comments!

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